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Molten Slag Tears

Unfinished, Unrefined Writing

Molten Slag Tears (or, Unpolished Stories)
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Q: So what the hell is this?
A: moltenslagtears is a journal dedicated to daily short writing -- 101 words a day, usually a shortshort story about something weird.

Q: Aren't there other, better sites that already do this?
A: Yes. The primary inspiration is Anacrusis, but another excellent example of the genre is histoires. I am unashamedly ripping both of these off.

Q: "Molten slag tears?" Wah?
A: Back when the author was in a glassblowing class, "molten slag tears" was her overwrought name for the small, teardrop-shaped bits of scrap glass that tended to be produced in copious quantities while working. Since the author's actual writing journal is vitrified, she decided to keep the glass theme going, and the name seemed appropriate for a journal of what will be half-formed one-offs.

Q: How is this organized?
A: Journal entries will be tagged with the relevant characters or groups. Some characters will get a series of stories; some won't.

Q: Hey, this one sucks!
A: Yeah, so? To paraphrase the author of Anacrusis, the point is 101 words every day, not that they're always great words. If you don't like today's piece, come back tomorrow.

Q: So who is the author anyway? And when will she stop speaking about herself in the third person?
A: Good question. Her personal blog is eiviiaru, and her long-form (rarely-updated) writing blog is vitrified.
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